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    3D clutch on an 80 horsepower sled engine?

    When oval kart racer Jordan Stotts contacted us a few weeks back asking if the 3D clutch could withstand the abuse of a 500cc 80 horsepower sled engine, we thought he was joking and that it was some kind of prank call. After finding out that this was a serious request, our response was stiffer springs, beefier sprocket, and perfect alignment of the planets.

    Despite our warnings, Jordan placed the order for the custom build and we put together a clutch for him with a #428 13 tooth sprocket, and 250 pound high temp stainless springs which increased the static torque rating from 25 to 50 foot pounds.

    To our complete amazement, Jordan won the very first race that he entered using the 3D clutch! He sent us a picture of the 'feature winner' sticker he received as well as closeup shots of the jackshaft assembly he custom built to work with the Yamaha Phazer 500.



    3D Manual Clutch on an EZ Motorbike Q-Matic Transmission

    Roger from Texas loves his motorized bicycle- a Sportsman Flyer equipped with a 50cc Honda 4 stroke and an EZ Motorbike Q-Matic Transmission. It's pretty quick and it looks amazing. What he doesn't like about it is that it can't be pedal started and he can't swap sprockets on his old centrifugal clutch. 

    Roger hired us to modify his Q-Matic transmission to replace the old centrifugal clutch with the 3D Manual Clutch. This would give him what he's after: the ability to pedal start his Sportsman Flyer and the ability to swap clutch sprockets to fine tune his gear ratio to tackle whatever riding was in front of him. 

    The end of result of our extensive work can be seen in the video below. The end product came out great and we are confident that Roger is going to love this new addition to his already awesome machine!

     If you are interested in having similar custom work done, shoot us an email!


    Mini Drag Bike Launch Video

    One of our customers shared this awesome video with us which we feel displays exactly what the 3D Manual Clutch is all about. 

    Another busy day at the 3D Motorsport work shop

    It has been a busy day in the shop at 3D Motorsport! We got another batch of driver assemblies ready to ship out to our customers. Each one of our clutches is assembled by hand and inspected for quality and proper function. Rest assured knowing that the clutch you receive will work the first time, every time.





    The 3D Manual Clutch will be available early April 2016

    If you have any questions about this product, please let us know. We will be sending an email out to our email subscribers letting them know exactly when the clutches as well as all of our other products are available for purchase.