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    New Product! Magnum EZ Pull Lever with Locking Button

    Happy to announce the newest addition to the 3D Motorsport product lineup; the Magnum EZ Pull Lever with locking button. The locking button makes it possible to start the bike up and walk away from it during engine warm up. Simply pull the lever in, push the button and release the lever. The button does not allow the lever to retract all the way, thus leaving tension on the cable and the clutch disengaged. To re-engage the clutch, simply pull the lever in, and push the button the other direction. Easy!

    Check it out here: http://3dmotorsport.net/…/magnum-ez-pull-lever-with-locking…


    3D clutch on an 80 horsepower sled engine?

    When oval kart racer Jordan Stotts contacted us a few weeks back asking if the 3D clutch could withstand the abuse of a 500cc 80 horsepower sled engine, we thought he was joking and that it was some kind of prank call. After finding out that this was a serious request, our response was stiffer springs, beefier sprocket, and perfect alignment of the planets.

    Despite our warnings, Jordan placed the order for the custom build and we put together a clutch for him with a #428 13 tooth sprocket, and 250 pound high temp stainless springs which increased the static torque rating from 25 to 50 foot pounds.

    To our complete amazement, Jordan won the very first race that he entered using the 3D clutch! He sent us a picture of the 'feature winner' sticker he received as well as closeup shots of the jackshaft assembly he custom built to work with the Yamaha Phazer 500.



    New Mini Bike Clutch Lever

    As a new company offering a completely new product, we have been working tirelessly to engage our customers in order to obtain valuable feedback. Our ultimate priority is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their 3D Manual Clutch.

    We have received feedback from a few customers that the locking mini bike clutch lever does not provide them with enough 'friction zone' to accurately and effortlessly control clutch slippage when accelerating from a stop. The friction zone is defined as the range of clutch lever motion that allows the clutch to be slipped during acceleration. Ideally, the friction zone should be about 50% of the total lever travel, thus providing a broad range of lever motion for which the clutch can be precisely controlled to keep the engine running in the power band. The image below does well to explain what the friction zone is.

    To investigate the problem further, we conducted a few tests and determined that the friction zone of the locking clutch lever is only 1/2" wide. In other words, the difference between bogging and free wheeling is only a 1/2" of lever travel. For some users, this makes the clutch feel too much like a 'switch' where the clutch is either fully in or out with no in-between.

    We determined that the cause of this issue is the locking clutch lever. The geometry of this particular lever does not lend itself well to precise control of a manual clutch. As a result, we have discontinued the locking clutch lever in favor of an alternative lever.

    The replacement lever is called the Magnum EZ Pull lever and can be seen in the image below. This particular lever has excellent geometry and mechanical advantage. When used with the 3D Manual Clutch, the friction zone increases to 1.5". This makes the clutch feel a lot more progressive and less sensitive. The one downside is that the Magnum lever does not have a lock on it, but the many advantages outweigh this disadvantage.

    Not only does this lever look great, but at a low price of $19.99, it's very affordable as well. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this change.

    3D Manual Clutch on an EZ Motorbike Q-Matic Transmission

    Roger from Texas loves his motorized bicycle- a Sportsman Flyer equipped with a 50cc Honda 4 stroke and an EZ Motorbike Q-Matic Transmission. It's pretty quick and it looks amazing. What he doesn't like about it is that it can't be pedal started and he can't swap sprockets on his old centrifugal clutch. 

    Roger hired us to modify his Q-Matic transmission to replace the old centrifugal clutch with the 3D Manual Clutch. This would give him what he's after: the ability to pedal start his Sportsman Flyer and the ability to swap clutch sprockets to fine tune his gear ratio to tackle whatever riding was in front of him. 

    The end of result of our extensive work can be seen in the video below. The end product came out great and we are confident that Roger is going to love this new addition to his already awesome machine!

     If you are interested in having similar custom work done, shoot us an email!


    Mini Drag Bike Launch Video

    One of our customers shared this awesome video with us which we feel displays exactly what the 3D Manual Clutch is all about.